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  • Paul Wheelhouse MSP

Wheelhouse highlights benefits of new Scottish Child Payment

SNP Regional MSP for South Scotland, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, is urging all parents and principal carers of a child that is under 6 years old, to be aware that they could qualify for a new, additional weekly payment of £10 per child as part of the roll out of the Scottish Child Payment by Social Security Scotland. This new payment has been conceived as a direct response to the Scottish Government’s Tackling Child Poverty delivery plan.

With thousands of families already applying for the payment early, and deadline to apply by 15 February, Mr Wheelhouse has stressed that any families in South Scotland who have not yet applied for this funding should do so as soon as possible, in order to ensure they do not miss out on the support they are entitled to at a time when many households with children face rising costs, such as for food and energy, while households incomes are being squeezed.

Commenting on the Scottish Child Payment, Mr Wheelhouse said:

“I know that, as a parent, while raising children brings great joy, it can be a difficult job at the best of times. Every family has different needs, and one of the last things any caregiver to a young child would want to see during lockdown are pressures on how much they can afford to spend on their child’s wellbeing. When budgets are tight, every penny counts. That’s why I am so pleased to see so many families in South Scotland being potentially eligible for this new weekly payment and I hope all who are eligible do apply, given this has been described by stakeholders such as the child Poverty Action Group as “an absolute game-changer in the fight to end child poverty”.

“Parents and carers generally have a good sense of what the child in their care needs, but all too often lack the financial resources to afford those options. With the Scottish Child Payment, funds are paid directly into a parent or care-giver’s account for each eligible child and this allows maximum flexibility to respond to a family’s ever-changing needs, such as childcare, the costs of essentials, or out of school activities, travel or other needs. Crucially, this is achieved without having to worry about the restrictions on choice that well-intentioned voucher schemes or pre-made packages can sometimes bring.

“As an MSP for South Scotland, I hear news every day of the determination of my constituents to safeguard their loved ones, despite the great financial pressures on them, and I know myself, as a parent, and through testimony of my constituents that this often involves hard choices when it comes to spending decisions. I am inspired on a daily basis by families’ acts of strength, resilience and forbearance in such challenging times.

“All of us need a bit of hope for the future at this time and with the new Scottish Child Payments, due to reach families after February 2021, there’s every reason to hope that from next month things will start to get that little bit easier for those eligible for the payment which is being administered and paid out to those who are eligible in a way that has, at its heart, an approach that delivers dignity and respect to those receiving support.”

To apply for Scottish Child Payments, and to find out if you qualify, visit or phone Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 2222.


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