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Community Activist | Newcastleton

"Paul has been a great help in the cause to bring the Waverley line back through Newcastleton and onto Carlisle and made sure I could put our case forward to the Scottish Government’s Transport Secretary. He has also been a source of advice and support on our successful bid for funding to the Scottish Land Fund, helping us to secure the 750 acres of land at Holm Hill for the ownership of the community."


Retired Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist serving people with NHS Borders for 25 Years

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"The SNP government has protected and developed our Scottish NHS, funding and improving cancer and mental health services in the Borders and overseeing the most successful vaccination programme in history. Please give them both votes and protect your NHS!"



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Former MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk

"I still remember the joy of Paul getting elected on the list at the last elections and thank goodness he did. Paul has served as a Minister in the Government with distinction, covering portfolios - including policy on the environment, business, digital connectivity and energy - that are critical to rural areas like the South of Scotland, and giving the Borders a voice at the heart of Government. He’s been a great MSP for the more than half a million people of South Scotland, but I hope that voters in Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire give him the opportunity to focus his whole experience, passion and undoubted ability on their constituency alone - that will be to their advantage in the years to come."


Rail Action Group East Scotland | Reston

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"Great news that a new Reston Station is being built and will soon reopen to serve Berwickshire. Thanks, Paul, for your consistent support, help in arranging meetings with Ministers and in making the case for reopening to happen."



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"I first met Paul in 2014 when he visited the local Addaction service where I was volunteering, he was warm and generous with his time. I was proud to walk behind him when he led the Recovery Walk the following year in Glasgow as the minister responsible. He’s been a great representative in the past and certainly will be again. Both votes SNP!"


Community Empowerment Campaigner | Eyemouth

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"I am voting for Paul for a very simple reason, I want an MSP who can show positive outcomes that make a positive change for everyone in the borders. You can only get that by voting for Paul."



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"I've seen how good an MSP Paul has been over the years he has been in office. I used to be a Labour member but I'm now an SNP member and a lot of that is down to the hard work and determination of Paul this constituency needs him."


New Scot | Selkirkshire

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"It was brilliant to be invited to join Paul at the Alzheimer Scotland Memory Walk in 2019.

"I find it amazing that a parliamentarian is so accessible, approachable and cares so much that people are not mistreated in any way.

"I did not expect to have to contact him for help so soon after I moved to Scotland permanently, but Paul has been so helpful.

"Paul has my vote."

"I have known Paul since 2010, and he has been both an excellent ambassador for the Borders and Scotland and a highly effective MSP, using his various roles in the Scottish Government since 2012 to improve the lives of the people living here. He has always had a detailed knowledge of his ministerial portfolios, whether it is energy, community safety or business. Paul’s undoubted expertise in all things statistical and economics-related would serve him in great stead in the private sector – I am delighted he has chosen to use these skills in public service. At a local level, I was very impressed by Paul’s willingness to get his hands dirty filling sandbags when helping out in Hawick during a major flood in 2015, and his refusal to stop doing so even when offered an opportunity for a photo-op.


"Paul will always fight for our interests and should be the next MSP for Ettrick Roxburgh and Berwickshire."

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"On the occasions that I met Paul I have found him to be approachable; a man who takes the responsibilities of his job seriously, cares for his constituents and the environment, and he's always willing to help."


"I was recently turned down for the retail grant for my business as well as the help with rates relief. I appealed the decisions without success. I then contacted Paul who managed to get both appeals overturned in under a week! I have 17 staff that would probably been out of a job if it hadn't been for Paul's Help! I can't thank him enough!"



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Author | 'Black Friday: The Eyemouth Fishing Disaster of 1881'

"I have known Paul for over a decade. He is someone who genuinely cares for the Borders, who gets things done for the Borders and who will always listen to those who need help or who have something they want to say. Paul is also one of those rare politicians who is respected across the spectrum. I am proud to call him a friend and would urge voters to support him, and the SNP, in the Scottish Parliamentary election. Independence is not a Braveheart concept, it is a modern and democratic means to a much better, much fairer and more outwardly looking Scotland. Paul will help shape that future. Put your trust in him once again on May 6th."



"He has done great work for the Scottish Borders - as a local business owner, he has my full support!"

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"Not only will he continue to be an excellent and hard-working MSP for his constituents' local interests, but his background and expertise in economics, education, and energy, will be invaluable in Parliament as we enter the crucial phase of post-Covid recovery in Scotland."


"Do you know an MSP and Government Minister who supports local initiatives that will improve the quality of life in a community? I do - Paul Wheelhouse.

"When we wanted to promote responsible dog ownership by starting Dog Friendly Newtown, Paul supported us with information and contacts and joined us for the launch day. He followed our progress and joined us on our first anniversary as guest judge.

"A group of village volunteers took on the challenge of refurbishing Newtown Community Wing. Paul was in regular contact for updates and joined us at our grand reopening. He stayed to the end and helped tidy up! He regularly uses the Wing and visits local partnerships like Community Cafe.


"Why am I voting for Paul? I know he cares about people and communities."


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"One of the things I respect about Paul is his knowledge of and support for on and offshore renewables.  Paul lead the Heat Network Bill through Parliament and I am delighted.  There is no possibility of Scotland achieving its net zero emissions target of 2045 if we don’t make the shift to fully renewable energy in a planned and sustainable way."


Hawick & Denholm Ward

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"What are the qualities that you look for in an MSP? Honest, caring and works hard for all the people that he represents, irrespective of their political views. That is Paul Wheelhouse.

"Throughout my 4 years as an SNP SBC councillor Paul has been easily accessible to give advice or information from Scottish Government that has supported my role in the community, no matter what time night or day.

"The current projects that are underway in Hawick, funded by the Scottish Government, the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme, the Hawick Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme and the new business units at the old Armstrong site have been supported and brought to reality by Paul Wheelhouse and the Scottish Government.


"Lastly I sit on the committee for the Campaign for Border Rail and  know that Paul and the Scottish Government is totally supportive of the extension of this railway to Carlisle, unlike a previous Tory MSP.

"Paul Wheelhouse is committed to getting the very best for the Scottish Borders. He is straight talking and more importantly has an acute sense of integrity."



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