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Wheelhouse Welcomes New Financial Support for Borders Students

SNP MSP for South Scotland Paul Wheelhouse has welcomed the Scottish Government's announcement of extra financial help for students facing financial hardship over the summer months. 

The Scottish Government has brought forward early access to £11.4 million of discretionary funds - which will be administered by colleges and universities - to support higher education students. 

Students are, due to UK Government rules, unable to claim Universal Credit or other benefits.

Scottish students studying in Europe as part of EU Portability or historically arranged schemes will also be able to access a £100,000 emergency fund administered by the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS). 

Welcoming the news, Paul Wheelhouse MSP said:

“Many students from the Borders will have expected to find paid work over the summer to cover their rent or save for the following term – but are now, through no fault of their own, unable to do so. So many of the usual casual, short term jobs that many students rely on – bar work, waiting, retail, tourism – simply aren’t there because of Covid-19 or will take longer than initially expected to return to normal.

"This Scottish Government support will be welcome news for those students in the Borders who would normally rely on part-time jobs over the summer months, and who could find it difficult to cover their living costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"No student should face financial hardship as a result of this crisis - and these welcome new measures from the Scottish Government will support students until the start of the next academic year when bursary, grant and loan payments will begin again."

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